In the framework of spaces and attractions diversity that AgroActiva® reached, agricultural aviation occupies a predominant place in this mega exhibition. Air applicators gained presence in the fair, and as years passed by, their sector became one of the biggest shows for everyone.

In every AgroActiva® edition the number of planes in exhibition increases, not only on land but also in the air, showing the possible uses of airplanes for agricultural production. For the general public that maybe is not attracted by these specific field tests, experienced pilots permanently make aerobatics for visitors’ entertainment.

Besides, one of the main goals of Aeroaplica organizers is to generate awareness in the population about the benefits of this activity and the possibility of doing it in a responsible and efficient way. For this purpose, many lectures, courses and workshops take place throughout the exhibition given by specialists in this field aimed to workers of this activity, pilots and schools.


Baptism flights have become one of the main attractions for the public. The possibility of flying over the exhibition field is very attractive for visitors that, in many cases, step on an airplane for the first time.

Aeromodelism, balloon rides, parachutes, aerobatics and a great number of airplanes are the attractions of Aeroplica to entertain general and specific public.