A new image. As dynamic as the exhibition

“Machines in action”, as producers and contractors usually call dynamic demonstrations, become the maximum attraction for thousands of visitors that come to AgroActiva® every year.

Different lots are prepared in advance in the venue so that corn, wheat and soybean stubble crops are in perfect conditions at the moment of the field demonstrations to allow for a good performance of the machines.

The exhibiting companies’ motivation to be present in the demonstrations is enormous as, given the quantity and quality of the public present in AgroActiva®, their products are exhibited to a significant number of potential customers.

For visitors the attraction relies on the possibility to have access to the largest agricultural machinery offer in the same place where they can see, compare and do business.

In field demonstrations, the public can test the operation of the equipment as if they were working on they own fields.

Download the templates of the different demonstrations


In action, light and heavy offset disk harrows, deep fertilization decompactors working on soybean stubbles, showing its removal capacity and maintaining surface coverage.

Bagging and extraction of dry grains

Observe large grain load and storage capacity in plastic silo bags, the easiest and cheapest way to store your grains.

Stationary machinery

Demonstration of roll millers, mixers, ground corn filling and extracting machines in plastic bags, the haymaking complement that every livestock producer wants to see.

Ground corn

Self-propelled harvesters, exhibiting their grinding crop capacity, the optimal conservation for milk producers.


Helix trimming or disc mowers, rakes and round balers working on oat pastures. Producers and contractors can observe mowing quality, material disposition and different rolls diameters and sizes.

Stubble Shredder

Helixes and rotary shredders working on corn stubbles: a usual activity when the producer wants to maintain coverage minimizing crop wastes.

Corn harvesters

Pull type and self-propelled equipment with different boom widths and their capacity to copy surface defects in different work situations.


Equipos de arrastre y autopropulsados que en su pasada presentan distintos anchos de botalón y toda su capacidad para copiar las irregularidades del terreno en diferentes situaciones de trabajo.


Liquid, solid and lime spreaders, pendulum type broadcast fertilizer spreaders, machines that are becoming widely used facing higher yield goals.

Direct seeding

Fine and coarse grain seeding drills, mechanical or pneumatic, with different working width and row spacing, with fertilization or with double and simple fertilization. Argentine technology for export and a great attraction in the dynamic sector.