Hundreds of exhibitors build their identity in their stands

The Static sector is the heart of the exhibition as there is where exhibitors, general public and the media gather in an interaction that derives in training, new businesses and entertainment for the families. That is why the coordination, layout, structure and mounting of this space are very important and we carefully work on this for the best results.
Every year companies, industries, importers and distributors of goods and services of the agricultural and livestock sector make a stronger commitment to exhibit different products of the agro-industrial chain and offer to thousands of visitors all they need to work on their fields at the same place.
During four days, producers, contractors, veterinarians, engineers, marketers and general public visit the exhibition looking for training, entertainment, a good time with their families and, mainly, having access to the best businesses.

Stands that become the image of the companies

Besides, a large space is allocated to national, provincial and municipal governmental institutions that offer visitors information on the different programs and activities the government is implementing.

Among the broad range of exhibitors that give life to the fair, agricultural equipment and machinery are the most relevant. National and multinational manufacturers, large, medium and small sized companies can always meet at AgroActiva®.
All in all, the place of relevance given to static is huge, as in those 90 hectares most of the actions, activities and meetings take place, which are the ultimate goal of the exhibition.