ARMSTRONG: Don’t take anybody’s words for it. Live it yourself 2017

MONJE: People attracting machine

MONJE: The art of producing

CAÑADA DE GÓMEZ: 20 years. The countryside is celebrating

CAÑADA DE GÓMEZ: Another Argentine marvel

CAÑADA DE GÓMEZ: An exhibition. Many exhibitions

CASILDA CARCARAÑA: A classic throughout time

CASILDA CARCARAÑA: Agropolis of offers

BALLESTEROS: An exhibition of values

ONCATIVO: AgroActiva standing by the countryside

ONCATIVO: The world’s largest

BALLESTEROS: Same venue, complete success

BALLESTEROS: Overwhelming and undeniable leadership

RIO CUARTO: An exhibition against all odds

MONTECRISTO: The largest exhibition of the year

PERGAMINO: Unique edition in Buenos Aires

RIO CUARTO: AgroActiva is already a Mega Exhibition

BELL VILLE: Leap in quality and quantity

CARCARAÑA: Despite the crisis, one more day of exhibition

MARCOS JUAREZ: Landing in Córdoba

LAS PAREJAS: Machines reach the race track

ARMSTRONG: For the first time, 3 days of exhibition

TORTUGAS: The beginning of a dream