AgroActiva was born, grew and consolidated as the leader exhibition in the sphere of open field agricultural exhibitions of the country. For its strategic location in the heart of the productive area of the Pampa Húmeda, its belonging to the rural-farming sector and its diversification of activities and attractions, AgroActiva receives a great number of agribusiness professionals and technicians, something that results very attractive to exhibitors.

The companies, institutions and agencies that participate in this mega exhibition are present year after year for the results they achieve, due to the massive attendance and quality of visitors. In AgroActiva the public fully belongs to the agricultural and livestock sector and they know what they will find in the exhibition.

Around 200 thousand visitors come every year to walk along the exhibition and they are directly linked to the rural field, to such an extent that 44.5 % of the people that came to our last edition were producers; el 19.7% contractors; 13.5% breeders; 3.6% milk producers; 2.9% engineers; 2.5% vets and the remaining 13.3% among staff, traders and students.

Another feature that makes of AgroActiva the true farm exhibition is that visitors come from all the agro-food productive regions of the country, and this trend is increasing. In this sense, 41.79 % of the visitors were from Santa Fe; 27.22 % from Córdoba; 16.25 % from Buenos Aires province; 9.74 % from Entre Ríos; 2.3 % from La Pampa and the remaining 2.7 % from other provinces of the country and from other countries.

But not only Argentine visitors come to our exhibition but also producers, businessmen or governmental officials of other countries are present every year in AgroActiva. Among the most important we can mention neighboring countries (Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil) and world large producers such as United States, Russia, China, South Africa, among others.