Make of AgroActiva the best place to exhibit technological innovation, the greatest business and training generation center chosen by producers, technicians and researchers, apart from a space for the gathering and entertainment of the entire family.

Vision and values

All members of AgroActiva aim our effort and creativity towards exhibitors and general visitors. The exhibition is the result of a team work. Everyone involved in this event are main characters in the successful development of the exhibition. We promote a permanent service-oriented attitude in all the areas as our goal is to respond in a solidary way to each of the questions and problems that may arise. The organizers’ wish is to fully satisfy the expectations of all the people coming to the event such as exhibitors, public, media, authorities or consignees of the sectors involved. We respect everyone’s opinions and differences and therefore, listening to others and understanding their point of view constitutes a usual practice as we are confident this is the best way to work.