AgroActiva becomes a true city in the middle of the countryside during the four days of the exhibition. The venue is visited by approximately 200 thousand people every year and must be ready to receive that amount of people plus the exhibitors and staff that work in Agroactiva. In this framework, the organization counts with a series of essential services for the public, with special space and trained staff to solve any eventuality that may occur.


There are around 50 hectares for parking. This area, that includes the front and one of the lateral sectors of the static exhibition, is well defined, signaled, counts with different accesses and staff allocated for the organization of car parking. From there, once visitors leave their cars, they can quickly and comfortably go to the main entrance or to the tickets area.

Press room

Press agents, which are a significant number in every edition of AgroActiva, have a specific place for a better performance of their job. Located on the first street, the press room counts with telephones, computers with internet, Wi-Fi, radio studios, conference rooms, living, lunch and permanent information.

Playground area

For two years now, the exhibition counts with a central playground area where visitors can sit down and rest. Besides, in one of the ends of the venue there is an amusement park with mechanic games for children.


Food trucks and restaurants in AgroActiva have a central place among the services offered as many visitors stay in the venue for hours and require, at some point, a snack. Thus, grills are placed on the sidelines, a VIP restaurant at the end of the static area, a coffee shop at the entrance and small bars in different areas of the venue.

Private Security

A specialized group is in charge of taking care of the exhibitors’ goods and equipment throughout the hours AgroActiva is open and during the night, apart from the general security involved for the normal development of the event.

Other services

Last, AgroActiva counts with restrooms, three-phase and mono-phase electricity, water supply, emergency services, telephone and fax, fire brigade, convention center, internal radio, lighting, cleaning service and Website.